Renting an apartment in Beijing with confidence.
Any price

the process

  • Step 1

    Select a few apartments with

    • Select one or more apartments from the site.
    • Bamboo Roof will check its availability.
    • Arrange a meeting with Bamboo Roof staff.
  • Step 2

    Visit the apartments with Bamboo Roof staff

    • Meet a Bamboo Roof staff.
    • Visit the apartments with Bamboo Roof staff.
    • Get introduced to the area.
  • Step 3

    Choose an apartment, negotiate and sign the contract with BambooRoof support

    • Choose an apartment & Negotiate conditions with the landlord & Pay the deposit.
    • Sign the contract with the landlord when you move in.
    • We stay in touch. BR helps you solve issues that may arrise during your stay.