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What is the process for renting an apartment with BambooRoof?

●Our goal at BambooRoof is to make finding an apartment as quick and convenient as possible! The process is simple:
1.Create an account with, browse apartments and select a few that you are interested in, arrange an appointment to meet with one of our consultants.
2.Meet with your personal BambooRoof consultant, visit the apartments you’ve expressed interest in (and others we think might also appeal to you), and learn about the apartments and area you will be living in.
3.Choose the apartment that best fits your needs, discuss the details of the contract, sign the contract, put down a deposit, and move into your new home!
4.At BambooRoof, we pride ourselves on providing our customers the best service. We guarantee your satisfaction by assisting you with any concerns you have regarding your new apartment or your life in Beijing! Transitioning into a new place can be stressful--we are here to make sure this process is pleasant and painless.

Can I reserve a room online?

●Currently, many of the landlords prefer their apartments to be booked once the customer has arrived. However, if there is an apartment that you are certain you would like to book, we advise you to contact us directly to arrange an advance deposit to ensure you can lease the apartment you like. During the busy season (August, September, February and March), many rooms are only available for a short period of time--so, be sure to let us know if you find an apartment that you would like to reserve in advance!

How much will my utilities cost?

●The cost of Utility is dependent upon how much electricity, gas, and water is used during the month. On average, utilities cost between 100 and 150RMB per month.
●The wifi fee varies depending on the number of rooms in your apartment and the speed of internet that your landlord has installed. On average, wifi costs between 50 and 80RMB per month.

Are the apartments furnished?

●All of our apartments come equipped with basic furniture to allow our customers to move in promptly upon arriving in Beijing. This usually includes, but is not limited to: bed frames, a mattresses, cabinets, shelves, lighting, kitchen appliances, sofas, chairs, TV, wifi and more.

I’ve heard that it is impossible to get short-term leases, is this true?

●Most students and professionals moving to Beijing rent apartments by the semester. As a result, most landlords require tenants to sign minimum 5-6 month contracts. Many students who plan to leave before their lease is complete have had success finding another person to take over their contract when they leave.

Is it hard to navigate Beijing if I don’t speak Chinese?

●Beijing is a diverse city with a vibrant international community. There are English signs everywhere and almost everyone is happy to help. Knowing conversational Chinese makes it easier to get around Beijing, but it is not a necessity. We do advise non-Chinese speakers to write-down and carry their address with them when exploring the city to ensure you are able to safely find your way home. For day to day questions about life in Beijing we are always happy to offer assistance. Otherwise, smartphone apps, the internet, and the people around you are always great resources to consult.

Will I be able to use my international credit or debit card in Beijing?

●The use of many international debit and credit cards can be used to withdraw money from ATMs. However, international debit and credit cards are not an acceptable form of payment at most restaurants, bars, clubs, or shops. It is important to note that foreign debit and credit cards will incur high transaction and exchange fees if used to make withdrawals from ATMs in China. For that reason, we advise many of our customers to set up an account with a bank that operates locally in Beijing (HSBC, Bank of China, Bank of Communication, etc) to avoid these high fees. For more details on this process please feel free to contact us.

What are normal living expense in China?

●This varies based on each individuals spending habits and lifestyle. Public transportation in Beijing is far-reaching, inexpensive and easy to navigate. Buses and subway cost a few RMB per ride and travel all across the city. Additionally, taxis are very cheap compared to those in Europe, America and Australia. Eating in Beijing depends entirely on the type of food you wish to eat, with cheap local food costing as little as 10RMB per meal and high-end dining costing +200RMB per meal. For more information on living and travel expenses in China, please contact us directly.

What is the weather in Beijing like? What kind of clothing should I bring to Beijing?

●Beijing experiences the full 4 seasons. The Winter season lasts from November to March with low precipitation and temperatures ranging from 0°C during the day and subzero temperatures night. Spring in Beijing is brief, lasting only from March until May. The Summer season lasts from May until August with some humidity and temperatures ranging from 30°C to 40°C. Autumn in Beijing is short like Spring, lasting only from September to early November.

I’ve heard the pollution is severe in Beijing, is there anything I should know to stay informed and safe?

●Depending on the weather and time of year, the pollution rate varies in Beijing. The best way to stay informed is to check the PM level online ( or through various mobile apps. We recommend purchasing a filtered mask, and maybe investing in an air filter system at home.

What areas does BambooRoof serve?

●We’re currently serving neighborhoods in Wudaokou, Liudaokou, and Dongzhimen, Sanlitun. However, if you are interested in another area just let us know--we are constantly expanding into new neighborhoods and areas of Beijing.

Where do BambooRoof listings come from?

●Listings on Bamboo Roof come from landlords, management companies, or the exclusive brokers that represent them. We also enhance many of our listings with additional photos and detailed information that the BambooRoof team collects while visiting apartments. We then compile these listings into one comprehensive database on our website so that users can search and find the perfect place to live!

Why should I work with BambooRoof?

Why should I work with BambooRoof?